6 Reasons to Invest in Handblock Fabric and DIY Ideas

6 Reasons to Invest in Handblock Fabric and DIY Ideas

The history of handblock fabric is diverse and extensive, and it ties people to the exemplary roots of India's rich cultural past. The entire procedure is carried out with the help of trained artisans, from carving the wooden blocks to immersing them in plant-based natural dye.

DMAASA is a well-known clothing brand with a variety of handcrafted product lines centered around handblock fabric. Our company's clothing and home décor products exhibit the exquisiteness of handblock fabric, a tribute to age-old craftsmanship. In this blog, we'll discuss some of the benefits of buying handblock printed cotton fabric, which is sure to sway you toward the style and timeless beauty of the fabric.

Timeless elegance

The aesthetic value of handblock cloth has persisted through the ages. All of the block-printed garments, whether printed sarees, kurta sets, or even block-print bedsheets, are guaranteed to draw attention. The handblock fabric will draw attention to your appearance on the red carpet or at a more conventional social gathering. Handblock fabric's timeless beauty is sure to wow any style-conscious or art-minded individual.

Unique designs or patterns

Various patterns and designs are carved into wooden blocks and then applied to the fabric to create handblock textiles. There are galleries dedicated to such diverse styles as the Jaipur paisley, bagru dabu, kalamkari, sanganeri, indigo shibori, ajrakh, batik, ikat, tribal motifs, gond art, floral delights, Mughal themes, houndstooth, and peacock. Each style here reflects the heritage of a unique region of India through its arts and design. Intricate designs can be seen throughout our Indian print fabric selection, which includes Jaipuri razai, print cotton sarees and kurta sets, and women's stoles

Convenient to wear

 Handblock textiles are lovely, and the fact that they are also practical makes them even more so. While times and seasons may alter, the appeal of handblock print collections and their popularity among buyers remain constant. Whether it's printed sarees, printed scarves, or printed unstitched kurta sets, everything is made with the consumer in mind. In addition, we put an emphasis on using 100% cotton in our garments because of the many positive attributes it brings, like its softness, durability, breathability, and comfort, which are ideal in any climate.

Beauty of natural colors

The colors enhance the aesthetic appeal of clothing and work well with any kind of theme for a social gathering. We use only plant-based dyes because of their purity, which also helps us meet our goals of using environmentally safe and sustainable resources. It's easy to find naturally beautiful color combinations in nature. Turmeric and the Indigofera plant are to be credited for the bright yellow of the kurta sets and the deep blue of the dabu fabric. Making natural dye from plants and vegetables has many advantages, including the fact that it helps keep insects off of your clothing.

Sustainable choice 

In a world where every major fashion label produces items that disrupt the natural order of the globe, the ecological balance is threatened. In contrast, DMAASA invests heavily in sourcing and distributing eco-friendly materials to its consumers. Everything is hand-crafted using organic materials, including sarees, embroidered suit sets, printed tote bags, pillowcases, and upscale comforters. In addition to being concerned with style, we are also committed to environmental preservation and green values. Cotton fabrics are our go-to since they are sturdy and weather-resistant if cared for properly during storage. 

Easy to wash and 0% maintenance

This thought remains in the customer’s mind about the care and maintenance of the handmade items after purchase. But there is nothing to be worried about because the block print cotton fabric is easy to wash and requires no extra effort for maintenance. You can wash your hands with mild detergent and soak them away from the sun. Before purchasing the handblock print fabric, read the instructions mentioned above for handblock print-based fabric, especially Kantha quilts, dohars, and duvets.



You can make everything from apparel to home decor using hand-block fabric. Today, we'll show you the wonders of this stunning design by taking you on an adventure.

  • Tote bags:

Tote bags are a symbol of staying fashionable and stylish all the time. With the beautiful handblock fabric, you can make a fashion statement and have the best carry bag to take your necessary accessories with you anywhere.

  • Table linens

Whether you're hosting a formal dinner party or a casual get-together with friends, setting the table with handblock cloth placemats and napkins is an easy way to impress your visitors. 

  • Pillows and cushions

To make your sleeping experience up to par and bring elegance and comfort to your bedroom. Then handblock pillows and cushions are the best bedroom accessories to bring an eye-appealing ambiance to your room.

  • Stay fashionable.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then handblock fabric will be your new go-to choice in fabric for crafting t-shirts, kurtis, suits, or sarees to look chic and stylish at every event.

  • Bedspread accessories

Handblock fabric offers limitless opportunities to bring class to your everyday style, and if you want to elevate your interior, then you can create or customize the bedspread material like block print bedsheets, block print cushions, handmade blankets, luxury comforters, reversible dohar, and much more to redefine the beauty of the bedroom.

  • Kitchen accessories
  • While making the dishes or elevating your kitchen's appearance, you can create necessary accessories like beautiful napkins, hand towels, and a dining table cover for a better experience.

Wrapping Up

The allure of handblock cloth is exaggerated, and its flawless appearance defies description in a single phrase. DMAASA is an online clothing store that carries an extensive variety of high-quality handblock fabrics. Our team of skilled craftsmen is the driving force behind our aesthetically pleasing selection of Jaipur block print fabric, and they work tirelessly to produce exquisite one-of-a-kind pieces for the house. The handmade goods we offer are adaptable to the individual's preferences and can be designed to reflect their character and way of life. An investment in block print fabric will be a bargain, leaving a lasting imprint on the observer's mind. Show your appreciation for India's history, customs, and rich diversity by purchasing a piece of the stunning DIY collection made from printed fabric.