The Beauty of Natural Dyes in Hand Block Printing

The Beauty of Natural Dyes in Hand Block Printing


The beauty of natural dyes is undeniable on the cloth; the array of hues lifts spirits and stimulates the senses. However, since the development of more advanced technologies, synthetic dyes have become more popular than their natural counterparts. However, the main drawbacks of utilizing artificial colors are that they are toxic, allergenic, and emit pollutants. Amidst all this, DMAASA pioneered the market with its concept of using natural colors. Dmaasa constantly prioritizes the standard quality of natural dyes in their handcrafted creations, from the block print fabric to the bedding sets. The abundance of natural colors has been blended into the fabric to enhance the overall aesthetic of a handcrafted textile.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

Dmaasa fosters eco-friendly and durable materials to ensure the planet's continued existence. Bedsheets, curtains, stoles, and other handblock print fabrics that use natural dye have a revitalizing appearance and aesthetic appeal. Dmaasa is eager to spread the word about the timeless elegance and skill required for printing on textiles by using our naturally colored fabric.

Connection with nature

The profound connection with nature is rooted in the natural dyes obtained from sources like the roots of madder and alkanet, barks and woods of logwood and osage, flowers of marigold, chamomile, and safflower, fruits like pomegranate, and nuts like walnut. In this way, artisans and the natural world are beautifully intertwined. The genuine passion of the brand towards nature is seen in the immersion of nature's beauty into the handcrafted items of DMAASA.

Health benefits and non-toxic nature 

There are several artisans who work in the textile industry who come across synthetic dyes. During the dyeing process in handblock printing, the toxicity of synthetic dyes affects the artisan's skin. DMAASA understands the significance of the artisans working in the company. For building a true legacy of the brand, the foundation pillar means the artisans should be at the forefront. The use of natural dyes, which were originally derived from organic sources, can be quite therapeutic.

Unique color variations and depth 

The rainbow and other cosmic wonders are just two examples of the kaleidoscope of color seen in the natural world. Nature is the purest source of natural dyes and hence provides the definition of authentic colors. DMAASA uses only all-natural dyes in all their handmade home decor items, bringing the natural world within. The beauty of the fabric is enhanced when the color differences are uncovered and dyed into it.

Support artisan communities

Utilizing natural dyes in textile production increases the aesthetics of the fabric and market demand. This sustained demand for natural dyes supports local artisans and Indian trade. In addition, this is a time-honored procedure that has been followed since antiquity and requires the uttermost dedication and expertise. The hands of artisans who have contributed enormous efforts for years are required for the natural dye-making process.

Antibacterial properties  

Most natural dyes are derived from organic sources and possess antibacterial properties. Due to the compound-like bioactive molecules, the textile's elasticity is protected from germs and microbes during the dying process. Since its creation, DMAASA has favored providing this type of durable lifestyle and home-living product. You will never encounter pesky pathogens or bacteria in any season on our hand-printed fabric. This is what defines the virtue of natural dye.


 Each year, severe heat waves and high temperatures affect Rajasthan and other regions. As a result of this condition, there are a number of skin problems that interfere with one's overall lifestyle and health. In response to this concern, DMAASA has integrated natural dyes into its lifestyle and home-living products. Natural-dyed clothes have the ability to absorb UV rays and function as a shield to protect the skin from sun damage. Choosing natural dyes for fabric has multiple advantages and will be an amalgamation of beauty and safety.


 In the textile sector, the conventional approach has proven to be highly efficient and lucrative. DMAASA is a handcrafted business that takes a different approach by fusing traditional art with contemporary fashion. We're working hard to create a home that not only makes your house more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing but also helps you lead a healthier, more fulfilling life. Now is the time to buy handcrafted goods and show your appreciation for the artists who have worked to preserve this legacy. Furthermore, the time has come to share this craft and its rich history with the next generation.