How do I do block printing at home?

How do I do block printing at home?

Greetings to all fellow crafters! Today I am going to transport you to the world of exquisite craftsmanship and creative art. The beauty of art fulfills its purpose, rejuvenating the barren land of your heart into your dream world. The ravishing handblock printing is not just an art form; it is an expression of emotions and feelings that come through the artisan's work. Do you want to take a tour of the land of creativity? Without further ado, let's begin.

Getting started with block printing 

 Block printing is an ancient textile printing art and before heading toward block printing, we need to understand what block printing is and how this culture flourished in every corner of India. 

You can apply the art of handblock printing on wood, textiles, and other materials. People all around the world have appreciated this beautiful printing technique, which originated in China around 220 AD. Did you find it interesting and want to know more? Then here is a brief description of it and how you can do it at home.

Materials you will require: 

If you want to start block printing at home, then here are the following materials that you need: 

  • Carving block 
  • Natural dyes 
  • Brayer /Sponge
  • Printing surface 

A step-by-step guide to block printing 

Here is a step-by-step guide to block printing: 

  • Design your image.

Before beginning block printing, it is important to design the image on which you carved it out. The design can be simple or complicated, depending on the area of expertise. 

  • Transfer your design to the block.

Once you are satisfied with the design, you can transfer it to the block and then carve it out based on the type of blocks you are using. For the rubber block, you can use a pencil and carbon paper on the wooden blocks. 

  • Carve the block.

Carving the block is important to remove the negative spaces for design. For a better carving experience, it is important to use carving tools. Also, make sure you maintain a proper distance while carving to avoid any accidents. 

Block printing kit online.

Prepare the natural dyes.  

 Once you have carved out the block, it is time to prepare the natural dyes or colors for it. You can easily extract colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, and many more from flowers, vegetables, fruits, spices, and leaves. Either you craft natural dyes naturally or use the DMAASA block printing kit to save time. 
  • Color the block

Next, we combined the extracted natural dyes and rolled the brayer into the block. Make sure to evenly distribute the color to every corner of the block. Make sure to avoid not-so-color, as this can smudge color in prints. 

  • Print your design.
After placing the colored block on the fabric, you can begin printing your design at the appropriate location and distance. Carefully press the colored block on the fabric. 

What if I say you don’t need to wonder here and there for block printing stamps, designed wooden blocks, and block printing ink by yourself? Sounds good, doesn’t it? DMAASA is introducing a block printing kit for creators like you. 

Block Printing Kit | Buy Top Quality Wooden Blocks Printing - Dmaasa

In the DMAASA block printing kit, you will get everything you need for block printing. Unleash your inner artist and create designs on fabrics such as stoles, fabric napkins, and cushions. This is the time to create your gallery with the best ready-made woodblock print and block printing dye. 

Benefits of having a block printing kit: 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Accessibility 
  • Variety 
  • Quality of assurance 

So if you are ready to give a headstart to block printing, then this block printing kit is just for you. Take a look at what you will get (link to the block printing kit). 

I hope you find your block print design like you always expected it to be. This design may be "not so beautiful," but it is the first step on the ladder that will help you make your design far better. This is not a home thing, but if you are doing it, then you need a personal space where you can do it; otherwise, it could make your whole house filthy.

If this is your first time, then it won't be necessary that this be perfect, but if you want to master this skill, then follow the steps to make the most of it. 

Steps to take to avoid errors in block printing

Here are the following steps to consider to avoid any mistakes when you do block printing at home: 
  • Practice on scrap material before printing it on a final piece.

If you don’t have much confidence in what the final output will be, then try once on scrap material before making the output final. 

  • Before and after work, clean your tools.

Proper care is substantial and regular cleaning will avoid the residue of natural dyes from previous work. 

Are you someone who wants to try block printing at home? 

This can be a piece of good news for those who want to try their handcrafted creations. Creating your own handcrafted stoles, block print fabrics, scarves, and fabric is like embellishing your gallery of creative designs. Block printing is simple and effortless, and the best thing is that anyone can give this beautiful art a head start. Being versatile allows you to create multiple things from block printing. Your design is like your own authentic signature—unique. The more unique ensembles you create, the better they stand out in the market.  


Performing block printing at home is not difficult, but it requires a proper strategy. Carving tools, a personal space, natural dyes and a bit of caution, when combined, bring out exceptional results. With this block printing art, you can craft intricate designs on the textile or fabric that uniquely represent your personality. If you are an art lover who is curious to dig deeper into something new, embrace this beauty. Once you start performing this art, you will begin to experience the lives of artisans. I hope this guide will help you turn a block's imperfection into a perfect beauty on fabric.