Beyond Patterns: Ajrakh Print Fabric and Its Cultural Roots

Beyond Patterns: Ajrakh Print Fabric and Its Cultural Roots

Fashion trends evolve every year but the enchanting textile art and some collection of fabric always stood the test of time. From ancient times to the modern era, there are some of the best collections of fabric that never go out of trend. Ajrakh print fabric is one of them. This beautiful print fabric invades the fashion industry with a sophisticated design and creations. 

Today men and women both can leverage the luxury of the beautiful handcrafted fabric that meets fashion and trends. 

The delicate process for manufacturing the Ajrakh print fabric and the appreciating skill of artisans transform the simple cotton fabric into a masterpiece. In this blog we are going to describe the journey of this Ajrakh print fabric from the process of creation to head towards the fashion industry. 

What is Ajrakh Print Fabric?

The word “Ajrakh” has its essence, and the meaning of this word is “keep it today”, and “blue”. The intense and deep color of the Ajrakh print fabric represents the beauty of the earth and creates connections between humans and the earth. This fabric was introduced by the Khatri community, which is basically from Gujarat and Rajasthan states.

They incorporate handblock printing into this art and create intricate designs and motif-based outfits that create unique individuality. From traditional suits and sarees to contemporary dresses, the Ajrakh print fabric collection reaches the epitome of elegance.


Process of creating masterpieces with Ajrakh print fabric

The process of creating elegant Ajrakh print fabric is a wide journey, and the expert artisans wrap up this whole thing with intricate attention to detail and care. Here is a quick glimpse of the whole process of creation:


  • Select the right fabric.

The basis of creating marvels begins with the type of fabric we choose. For the Ajrakh print fabric, we use pure cotton-based textiles to introduce the finest art. Then we keep it overnight in camel dung, caster oil, or soda ash to remove the starch from the fabric. The next day, we wash it in water for further processing.

  • Block printing the fabric

Handblock printing is extensively used in making the fabric visually appealing by incorporating the motifs and design. The intricate design was carved into the wooden block, dipped in the natural dye, and stamped on the fabric. This whole process needs to be done with immense care. For every particular color, artisans used different wooden blocks to bring rigorousness to their designs.


  • Mordant application

After printing on the fabric, artisans use alum or clay for the mordant application. This process is responsible for sustaining the print in a deep-rooted way during printing.

The alum or clay bridges between the cloth and dye and binds the molecules of dye to retain the color after several washes.


  • Drying and oxidation processes

The fabric, after printing and mordant application, is now set to dry and soak under the sun. This process takes one whole day, and the printed fabric rests on the floor, adding a natural, vibrant shine to the fabric.


  • Resist printing

The next day, artisans employ the resist printing process on the fabric. As the name suggests, during the process, some of the parts of the fabric are covered with a paste of clay or gum. In this way, the dye will not get into the covered part, and you can add multiple colors and prints to it.


  • Manifold Dye Baths

The creation of the Ajrakh print fabric requires an extreme quantity of water, multiple thorough washes, and printing. That is why this whole process needs to be covered in 16 stages and also requires immense labor efforts.

  • Finishing

Now is the time to bring the creations of Ajrakh print fabric to rest. Artisans examine the whole process, whether they have achieved the final creations or not. Once it is done, the team prepares to drop down into the market. 

Colors add a charm to the fabric, and we use natural dyes to achieve the desired color. In Ajrakh print fabric, we use scrap iron, alum, and indigo dyeing to bring the black, red, and blue colors to the fabric.

Why invest in Ajrakh print fabric?

Ajrakh print fabric is a marvellous creation in the fabric industry, and this lures the attention of every fashion enthusiast and art lover. This fabric is in high demand, and the impactful prints draw the attention of the audience. Here we listed the reasons why you should decorate your wardrobe with an Ajrakh print fabric collection.


  • Authentic

The Ajrakh print fabric comes in a plethora of designs, patterns, and colors. The enticing shades create a symphony of colors and set you apart from the crowd. Each piece is different and perfectly complements if you pair it with other dresses.


  • Hand-made creation

The process of creating masterpieces of Ajrakh print fabric is labor-intensive and solely done by hand. Purchasing the beautiful handmade creations of Ajrakh print fabric also represents you as a profound supporter of natural art.


  • Exquisite patterns

The first is Ajrakh fabric, and another thing is how beautifully it is decorated with motifs and floral patterns. In traditional and contemporary styles, these beautiful patterns perfectly fit into every style. Also, this is out-of the ordinary art that brings an irresistible look that makes you uniquely different from others.


  • Comfortable and soft

The Ajrakh print fabric is made from pure cotton fabric with beautiful dyes that make it comfortable and soft. Also, incorporating the natural material into the fabric creation makes it durable, resilient, and vibrant in appearance.


  • Versatile in fashion

The exquisite collection of Ajrakh print fabric is versatile and can be used for traditional and contemporary events. Vendors also provide customized service that helps curate a beautiful collection for the customers.

Final thoughts! 

The beauty of Ajrakh block print fabric is irresistible and can make you a trendsetter in fashion. The journey from plain cotton fabric to the incredible masterpieces is labor-intensive and requires attention to detail. Suits, sarees, and red carpet dresses—if you want to create a unique personality among the crowd, then you can have this Ajrakh print fabric as a new collection in your wardrobe.

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