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Hidden Treasure of Block Print Fabric for Your Home and Living

When someone steps into your home, they discover a lot about you through your home and living style. In recent times, an individual has various options to modernise their interior. One of the best options is block print fabric, which is a true and tested method to enhance the aesthetic value of your home.

From bedding to the living room, there are distinct ways to incorporate block print fabric into your lifestyle. The soft, fluffy, and plush fabric brings comfort and is designed through intricate attention to detail and mindful ways. Animal print, ethnic motifs, floral prints, and nature-inspired patterns are the reflection of an individual’s creativity. 

DMAASA is a Jaipur block print garment-based brand, and we craft home and living-based handmade garments to beautify the interior. Pure organic cotton fabric from the farm, labour-intensive process, and use of natural dyes extracted from vegetables and fruits tie the beautiful bond with the nature of humans. Our drop-dead gorgeous collection is evidence of the tireless effort of our skilled artisans. Want to enhance the aesthetics of your home with the hidden treasure of block print fabric? Then here we are going to unearth the ways to beautify the interior home and living through our sophisticated block print garments. 

  • Soft and plush cushions and covers: Upgrade your relaxation:

The beautiful pairs of cushions and sofa cushion covers are the perfect complement to your bedding. From minimal to dramatic interior design, you can have multiple options of majestic hues that bloom away the viewer's mind. Solid-colour cushions and cotton fabric-based cushion covers will be soft and supple to the touch. Whenever you lie on the sofa, it brings pleasure and a haven of comfort with the beautiful artwork of artisans. This is the time to swap out the plain cushion covers and replace them with new ones.

  • Cotton Tablecloth: Create memories with the dinner:

Beauty and elegance shift the mood from one to another level. With the decorated dinner table, the mood of the viewer gets astounded in a cherished manner. Whether you have a 6-seater table or a 2-seater table, we got you covered with the sophisticated tablecloth that resonates with your interior. With a beautiful table cover, make your dinner date memorable and attract more compliments. Along with that, you can enhance the beauty of the kitchen through placemats, runners, and napkins, as per the type of interior.

  • Curtains: Frame your words in style:

Drape your curtains on the window as you want to, and let the light, breeze, and block explain their tale. The block print cloth, which is soft and has unique prints, resonates with your ambiance and brings a lure. In the meantime, you can sit in front of the window to let your imagination reach new heights.

Bedding: A safe haven for restful slumber:

Luxury sleep needs to be earned because it is priceless. With a beautiful collection of bedding accessories like bedsheets, bedcovers, duvets, quilts, and throws, When all this essential bedding is beautifully draped into your bed, it creates a heaven of comfort. During a chill night, the luxury bedding set will add warmth and allow someone to stay in bed for a long time.

Throws: Your go-to for warmth and style:

The beautiful throw blanket or sofa throw both have their own unique essence, which is to help you feel at ease. Whether you are chilling out on the sofa during the autumn or winter season or lying in bed, there are various collections of throws available to bring cosy comfort and solace. Abstract, ethnic, floral, motifs and solid are some of the variations that you can find for yourself to draw the attention of the viewer.

Lampshade: Experiment with the block print to illuminate the magic light:

You may see the light illuminate through your lampshades, but this is the time to experiment to revive the beauty of true reflection. Apart from the bedding, throws, and dining table accessories, now you can wrap the block print cloth to enhance the overall appearance of your lampshades. Block print fabric is versatile, and you can create a magnificent ambiance by experimenting in multiple ways.

For Home Decor creations:

With the beautiful block print fabric, you can decorate the whole interior as you want. Whether you wish to decorate for marriage purposes or for any get-together party, this is the time to infuse traditional fabric pieces to add life to your decor. This is the time to show appreciation and support for ancient practices and unleash your creativity.

Adorn yourself with the block print jewellery:

Jewelry is another necessary thing that amplifies the overall appearance of an individual. But the majority of people are unaware of the fact that you can create beautiful jewelry to adorn yourself on any apparel with block print fabric. You may have tried metal, aluminum, and gold jewelry, but it is time to try something new from the hidden treasure of ancient culture. To become a fashion statement in your traditional and contemporary occasions, block print is the best option from which you can inspire others.

Block Print Fabric: Get the Most Out of It With These Do-It-Yourself Tips:

Block-printing is an overrated, time-tested practice, and it is a prominent technique that people incorporate into their lifestyles. Leveraging the use of this textile print art will enhance the ambiance of the interior. If you want to discover the beauty of block print fabric, then try these DIY tips for hand block print fabric.

  • Fabric wall art
  • Curtain tie-backs
  • Napkin rings
  • Tote bags and clutches
  • Flags 
  • Bulletin board cover
  • Window pelmet 
  • Scrapbook/ Journal
  • Printed gift wrap
  • Baby cloth 
  • Rugs and soft cotton napkins

                      Wrapping Up!

                      From carving the intricate design on a wooden block to printing on soft fabric, this ancient process is a time-tested practice and has created an influence all across the world. The skilled hands of artisans and the natural essence of cotton and natural dyes improve the aesthetics of your home. Utilising more hand block print fabric pieces represents your participation in improving the lives of the local artisans and supporting the time-tested practice. DMAASA has started this revolution to ditch the artificial machinery used in crafting garments and embrace the power of the skilled hands of local artisans. From bedding to home decor, we have crafted multiple items that add luxury to your lifestyle and reflect a personality that makes a voice of yours. Today we have uncovered ways to improve your home’s aesthetics with block prints. I hope you find it lucrative, and if you also want to make one of yours, then this is the time to begin the journey from here.