Reasons why we adore hand-block-printed styles

Reasons why we adore hand-block-printed styles

hand block printing styles

Handblock printing is a time-honored technique for making one-of-a-kind textiles. DMAASA has embraced the age-old practice of hand block printing for a long time and has crafted multiple handcrafted items like Jaipuri quilts, luxury comforters, block print bedsheets, handblock print sarees, suits, cushions, and much more. The audience's attention is immediately drawn to the intricate patterns and decorations. But this is only the beginning of hand block printing's impact; there are several more elements that captivate its admirers.

  • Artisans craftsmanship-

block printing techniques

Rural women artisans are the foundation for continuing this historic heritage and ensuring the legacy of hand block printing. The entire process takes time and work to breathe life into the fabrics. Grey cotton fabric is first washed, then carved and sculpted wooden blocks are dipped into natural dyes and then pressed onto the RFD fabric. In this whole process, there is a reflection of the artisan's craftsmanship in almost every handcrafted item.

  • Unique designs-

unique indian hand block print designs

If you gather all the hand-block-printed fabric, you will notice that each design is distinct from the others. Every arrangement recounts a story and captures the viewer's attention. Unique due to its exquisite geometric patterns, floral motifs, Mughal prints, and other striking designs. To upgrade its aesthetic appeal, you can embellish your home with the finest design. Most of the time, this can be tailored to the customer's aesthetic preferences.

  • Natural and sustainable-

The beauty of natural objects and nature is a marvel of the cosmos and hits in various ways. From the farm of pure cotton and natural dyes to the final finishing of the product in the market, it is the journey that tells the story of art and culture. The natural dyes used in the handcraft fabric are soft to the touch and it brings the allure of nature. This handcrafted, sustainable, organic block print fabric is a widely accepted material to cherish the lifestyle.

  • Rich cultural heritage-

History and traditions, or customs, are associated with hand-block printing. This art is a part of India's heritage and has been prevalent since the time of the monarchy. From sewing to being dipped into the plant-based dye, this soft natural material has attracted visitors from every corner of the globe. The brand and the female artisans are working together to preserve it for future generations. With the cooperation of expert artisans and hand block printing, we can spread information about our diverse culture to every corner of the globe.

  • Versatile and timeless-

The beauty of hand-block printing lies in its versatility and timeless nature. This art of printing can be utilized for multiple purposes, like home decor and the fashion industry, or for daily purposes to create an impression of your choice. The beauty of block-print fabric never fades with time, and its elegance increases as time passes. Trends and seasons are not a constraint on the art of hand-block printing. From daily living to the fashion world, we blend slow fashion into the traditional, age-old practice. In fact, our hand-printed collection can be a source of new ideas and creativity in the fashion world.

  • Support mother artisans' communities-

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The main purpose of initiating the brand Dmaasa is also to support our cultural pillars and make them financially strong. We are today leveraging handcrafted fabrics because of their lively spirit. The passion and dedication of their efforts to spread the word and art of Jaipur block print fabric are incredible. Along with the government, we are also contributing support to mother artisans by building a brand that only encourages the natural and ancient culture of hand block printing. As long as our pillars stay strong in every manner, we can create a benchmark for success.

The reasons why we adore and value the craft of hand-block printing fabric are not set in stone. The beauty of hand block printing lies in its use of a wide range of colors, its adaptability, its timely elegance, the collaborative efforts of female artisans, and its use of sustainable and environment friendly materials. DMAASA, a Jaipur block print fabric brand, values the craftsmanship of rural artisans and the art and culture of ancient India. We have the newest selections to improve your way of life and home design, so if you want to witness the beauty of handcrafted art, then this is the time to connect with our online store. Embrace the journey of this hand block printing with us!